it all started.......

During a holiday to Bali.

Our founder, Ulpa Chauhan, has been a part of the travel industry for over 20 years and it is thorough her passion of travel and education that Travel Kind Connect was born.

During an encounter with their elephant guide in Bali, her son was learning about family life in Bali. Ulpa realised that when we travel, the importance lies on what we can learn about ourselves, others and the places we visit. So following her own research she found a way to educate her children about the places and the people they visited by getting involved with the local communities. The first project they took on as a family was in Portugal, helping a nature reserve plant seeds and transfer small trees into larger pots. A hugely humbling and educational experience for all and an opportunity to make the change and be the change. 

And so grew the tribe of Travel, Kind Connect and the tribe of humanity.